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Тема: How do I troubleshoot VPN connection issues?
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Мнение от JesseVoss пуснато на Май 21 2018, 14:12

Wife is working remotely. When she first got her laptop from work a couple of months ago the VPN (using ATT Global Connect Client) would connect, she could access the internet fine, but couldn't connect to the IBM inranet. She talked to IBM customer service and at one point they were able to get it to work....until the wife had to reboot the computer and it was borked again. Well the laptop died basically the next day and it has taken them until now to get her another laptop.
She tried to set it up today and....it wouldn't connect to the IBM intranet again. She tried IBM CS today, but she kept getting disconnected when she was being transferred and gave up frustrated (she is still on vacation). This afternoon I was doing a bit of poking around and searching to see what may be up, but I basically only know enough to get our cable modem and router and home LAN working, and that is it.
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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