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Мнение от aChkaTa пуснато на Юли 07 2006, 10:32
Имам едно проблемче с тоя сървар за инсталацията немога да го инсталлна ка то от install.txt нищо неразбрах по тоя въпрос моля помогнете

 Sambar Server Installation



 The Sambar Server is designed to be configured using a web-based

 System Administration interface.  From your web browser, you can

 access the administration forms via:


 A complete set of web-base server documentation is also available via:




 If upgrading from an older version of the Sambar Server, no files

 in the 'config' directory should be modified.  All Sambar Server

 installations are backward compatible, allowing you to use previous

 configuration files.  Once a change is made using the web-based

 System Administration (http://localhost/sysadmin/), existing

 configuration files are updated with any new parameters (with defaults).

 Important:  When upgrading an existing installation, any running

 servers must be stopped.



 The Sambar Server installation does not create any registry entries

 or copy files into folders outside the installation directory.  Therefore,

 the Sambar Server installation directory can be removed (or moved to

 another server) without affecting the server.



 NT Service:     In the 'bin' directory, you can install/uninstall the

                 NT service via:  ntserver -i   and   ntserver -u

                 See /syshelp/install.htm for details.

 Windows:        On windows machines, the installer will install a desktop

                 shortcut by default.  You can start the server by double-

                 clicking the desktop shortcut or by opening a DOS window

                 and cd-ing to the installation directory and executing:


 Linux:          There is a sambar-inetd ###### in the config directory

                 that can be used to automatically start and stop the server

                 when the machine boots/shuts down.  Alternatively, from

                 a shell window, 'cd' to the 'bin' directory and start

                 the server using the command: ./server



 README.TXT      Changes/fixes from the previous beta or release as well

                 as known bugs and limitations.

 SAMBAR.NSI      NSIS build file.

 INSTALL.TXT     Installation information.

 bin             Sambar Server executables.

 cgi-bin         Default CGI-BIN directory.

 cgi-win         Default CGI-WIN directory.

 config          Sambar Server configuration files.

 docs            Default server documents directory (all files served

                 by the Sambar Server should reside here by default).

 include         Sambar Server include files (for programmers wishing

                 to extend the server).

 lib             JavaEngine JAR package (servlet and JSP execution code;

                 source code is included).

 log             Default log directory.

 messages        Sambar Server error message files.

 perl            Default PERL executable.

 profiles        User-specific profile attribute files.

 samples         Sambar Server source code files (for programmers

                 wishing to extend the server).

 search          Sambar Server search indexes.

 servlets        Default location for all JavaEngine servlets.

 sysadmin        Sambar Server web-based system administration pages.

 syshelp         Sambar Server documentation.

 sysimage        Sambar Server images.

 sysuser         Sambar Server default applications (i.e. WebMail,

                 Document Manager).

 tmp             Default location of server temporary files.

 Thanks for running the Sambar Server.

                                               Sambar Technologies


Мнение от gog пуснато на Юли 07 2006, 12:38
в общи линии ти казва че има възможност за конфигуриране през web и кой файл/директория за какво служи

може да започнеш с < http://d.linux-bg.org/download/docs/linux-course/lekcia_9.html >

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