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Мнение от lilwilson пуснато на Юни 29 2018, 09:56

I recently got a Pi and I wanted to put an apache2 server on it as I was playing with one last summer and I figured the Pi was a great small, low power option for learning to use apache. So far I have successfully installed apache2, opened router ports, and set up a DDNS service to point to my Pi. The default webpage that apache displays upon navigating to my Pi's IP address also appears correctly.
However, when I disable a web site with sudo a2dissite, the Pi continues hosting the website, even after I reload apache using sudo service apache2 reload or service apache2 restart. The symlink in the sites-enabled folder is deleted when I run a2dissite, but the page still appears in my browser when I navigate to it. I have also tried moving the file for the default webpage out of the sites-available to another directory only to find that the default webpage still displays, even though it is disabled and the config file for it has been removed from the sites-available folder.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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