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If you have not been to Changbai Mountain, you will not be counted in Jilin.he first attraction we went with was the canyon pumice forest. According to the tour guide, the canyon pumice forest is famous for its strange, dangerous, beautiful and quiet. It has majestic mountains, tall trees, small flowers and strange shapes. stone. It is truly original beauty, ecological beauty, natural beauty and integration, where the strange stones stand, it is amazing.er visiting the canyon pumice forest, we came to the ice spring water. They spurted in the stone gaps between the forests. They continued to drink all the year round, and there was still a lot of minerals, which was very good for our body.r visiting the ice water spring, we came to Changbai Mountain. According to the tour guide, it was said that Jiang Zemin had not seen the Tianchi Lake twice in Changbai Mountain Carton Marlboro Reds 100. The Tianchi Lake was prone to fog. Once there was fog, nothing could be seen. As everyone knows, we are very fortunate, ride up, take a walk to see the Tianchi, the blue water of the Tianchi Lake, like a huge gem inlaid in the mountains, the white clouds run like a sheep in the blue sky The mountain peaks are like a boat of the desert walking in the vastenery on the Tianchi Lake is like a famous landscape painting painted by a painter, which is permanently remembered in the heart.we came to the last attraction, Changbai Mountain Waterfall. The tour guide told me that there is a hot spring group next to the waterfall, which has hot spring eggs, hot spring corn and sausage. When I arrived at the location of the waterfall, the waterfall was not big, but it was high and steep. I immediately thought of a poem by Li Bai: "The flow is three thousand feet, and the murmur is that the Galaxy falls for nine days."ing at the rushing waterfall for a while, I asked my father to buy me some hot spring eggs that made me drool, which made my understanding of Changbai Mountain deeper.day, I passed by without knowing it. I recalled the scenery of today's tour, filled with green pumice forest, spring water and spring water, and the infinite imagination of Changbai Mountain Tianchi. I am nostalgic to the place that made me feel mysterious--the beautiful Changbai Mountainhing year, the hustle and bustle of China, and suddenly look back, eager to see the years like a shuttle, sighing the years of vain, hate nothing. Why didn't I catch the flow of the fingertips? Ziqing sighed: "When the swallows have come again, the peach blossoms have been reopened; when the willows are dry Cheep Newports With Stamps, there are times when they are green, but our days are gone." Yes, time is rushing, How can you not cherish it? But we are always passing by at any time. Originally today, today, we have to stay until tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. Repeatedly and repeatedly, the last thing to do is piled up into mountains, and regrets late. The world needs to know "Ming Fu tomorrow, how many tomorrows, I will be born tomorrow, everything will be a success" If you do not cherish the time, grasp the present, and talk about the future.Lu Xun once said: "Where there is a genius, I just use the effort of others to drink coffee." Therefore, a piece of deep-seated articles has been passed down to this day. In ancient times, there were occasions such as smoldering snow, smashing the wall, smashing the thorns, and so on. If you know the helplessness of the deceased, you can also have the persistence of staying up late. inch of time, one inch of gold, it is difficult to buy inch inches. Even a minute or even a second has its precious value. For a second, it is the igniting of life for doctors, the influx of millions of dollars for businessmen, and the insufficiency of knowledge for students. Do you have a limited amount of time that reflects its infinite value? At this moment Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, are you browsing the web without purpose; still playing a boring game, or watching a boring TV show? Why are you not willing to use these hours to write homework, review homework, or taste a cup of tea, and bring a good book to read? Why let ten listen to some old people sighing. When I was young, I was ruined all the time. I never tried hard to study. In middle age, I was eager to work comfortably. I never struggled hard. I hanged down for a few years, and I still want to work hard, but I have enough energy and not enough. For the rest of his life, he is doing nothing. The old days covered the past, and the white shackles passed through, and hurriedly cast a touch of sadness. Black hair does not know how to work hard, white first regrets reading late, starting from now, cherish the time you have!
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