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Тема: Rivers, lakes and seas
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Rivers, lakes and seas, I don��t know the depth of the water, and it��s an adventure. If you can let more people not lose their way, I would like to be a ferryman and ferry those who are blocked by difficulties but dare to explore.fe needs someone to ferry, maybe it can't be smooth, but as long as I am good, I can be a bright light to illuminate others. In the vast history of the vast river, how many things sages have been suffering in pursuit of human ideals, but those who can really open up the bright avenue are a minority, and these people are the best ferries because they have done the best. They have a fiery responsibility. No matter what kind of position I take, I will stand up in my own spiritual building, and let the effort and wisdom merge into a warmth, so that I can be the best ferryman.s a way that people need to search constantly. In real life, we are just a passing passenger on this road Wholesale Cigarettes. Maybe we can't fill the flowers all the way, but we can leave the most beautiful moments. When we look at the books, we are like the most common notes, but we can jump out of the most beautiful music of life. In fact, the greatest happiness in life is not to enjoy the joy of success, but to seek sweetness in difficult exploration.turns out to be a gradual process Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but he always shows up and down in a hurry. Because of my ferry trip, each time it is different, I have to move forward in exploration. If the ferry is completed smoothly, I will be the brightest mirror; If the ferry fails, I will also firmly believe that there are always more difficulties in the journey of life. Maybe when I bypass this reef, I am greeted in front of me, the embarrassment of life that I dare to dare to do. I am doing my best beacon.ing at the time, I rushed away. I only cherish and cherish. As a ferryman, I will greet each new day with an attitude of forever fighting. When I am successful, I will be self-propelled, because I also need  improving, our life is not worse than Van Gogh, and Van Gogh has reached a higher level of life. Mother Teresa is poor in her life, but she also has the greatest happiness of her own. No one can deny our own tomorrow. When we set our goals, every bit of life needs to be infiltrated with wisdom. In this way, even if a wave hits my warm bow Newport Cigarettes, it  at their hometown. This is a wandering for a family member when they are outside, but it is a ferryman who is running for his own career and standing on the bow. Turning your face, this is not ruthless, it is not indifferent, it is a spiritual realm that ordinary people can't reach. He can use his own actions to touch people's minds. He can also let things be controlled by me, without giving up, but need to fight for Because all the fruits need to be taken with their own hands. I wan. I need stepping stones. When I start with the utmost enthusiasm, at least my feet are solid. This is good for me to use my hands to weave a colorful embroidery for the society. When this piece of color embroidery is hung on my warm boat for sails Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I can surpass myself and be the besneed too much wealth and fame. As long as you can dispel the shackles of secularization and let the trapped people move forward, it is the greatest happiness of the ferry. Therefore, the ferryman has to find himself and continue Marlboro Lights. With knowledge to weave more beautiful myths, I can be the best ferryman.
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