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Тема: A huge number of
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A huge number of "17 yuan" and "17 yuan" struck my heart, and I recited it over and over again. He seems to be getting bigger and bigger, just like the universe. It has become the boat that I have reached the ideal shore, and has become the invisible wing of my struggle.inking of this, a bright picture flashed in my mind.was a summer evening, the rain was fine, and everything was just as clean as it was. The registration process during the day has ended. When I first got to the liberal arts class, I was so happy. However, happiness seems to be short-lived, and no one can slowly chew it, and has slipped away quietly. It is a lot of troubles. My stomach began to make pain again Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The scene in front of me flashed like a movie. After a strong pain Carton Of Cigarettes, the sweat of the bean oozing from the forehead, rolling to the face Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and tears streaming down. "How can I get this class that I have longed for, how can I be forced to leave because of objective factors?" I cried again.ver, there is always something in the affliction that is shining. This is the true feeling that people call. In front of me, an "angel" appeared, saving the soul of a lonely girl. When I learned about my situation Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, he told me to cure the disease first, and all the difficulties in the future will be solved slowly. During the drug withdrawal, I didn't bring any money. He took out his 17 yuan and walked out of the doctor's office. He said to me: "You don't want to pay back this money. When you go to college, you earn money, give me more. Give some, I also take it." I broke and laughed. It was a humorous word that infected my heart. A feeling of relaxation and freedom returned to here. I cried. yuan has become an oasis in my life's dream.am an introverted girl who grows up in a family with broken relationships, makes me feel inferior and less willing to interact with others. Because of the long-term over-closement of myself, I am alone in my heart when I encounter difficulties. There is a strong annoyance about life and learning. How can I face it? It is him who knows my current predicament, enlightens me, inspires me, and allows me to find a glimmer of hope in the deep world. Suddenly, for a long time, I still chose to create a flying world for myself, to achieve the strong desire of a young boy's dream.ook a name for it, "The dream of 17 yuan Newport Cigarettes Coupons." Saved the lost heart of a girl. With it, there is more hope in life. Today, it has become the most beautiful pursuit in my life. Changed my life. I always waved to me and wrote a song of no regrets on the road of life. With it, I will have my heart for life, and I will be invincible.
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