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greenway construction workers wearing yellow safety helmets and yellow work clothes, and the construction site to the greenway construction site. Some of the transport vehicles that transport building materials have placed flowers and plants in the pots of white stones in the finished artificial creeks Carton Cigarettes, and some are still building new rest pavilions, observation decks and placards. Look at the mountain excavated by the excavator on the green road mountain forest, all of which are covered with a layer of green nylon net to prevent rain from washing the soil onto the greenway, or to build other buildings on the excavated mountain (such as moving The toilet, or the cement will be used to reinforce the mountain. It is not known to look at the roadside of the green road along the mountain. There is a fence fence built with cement material but like a tree. Every other distance is placed like a brown one Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. Garbage bins like banyan piers, unidentified trees planted in yellow soil outside the fence fence or unknown trees from the outside, and rusty steel poles like lightning bolts are installed at intervals. It is worth mentioning that the trees planted do not have a tree leaf, and each bottle has a bottle of liquid stuffed like a liquid for the patient, to transport and supplement the trees, or to treat the newly planted trees. Prevent trees from dying without water and soil. Those transplanted trees will be so weak that they need human care and careful care to grow and survive in the soil. At the same time, I still don't understand why there are so many trees in the forest. Why do you need to plant trees from the outside? Perhaps it is for the beauty of the urban forest greenway Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes. Perhaps it is the lack of such beautiful trees in the forest. Walking forward, on the mountainside, every time I walked through a place, I found not only the use of cement in the forest to build a ravine that did not know where to extend it, but also the construction of a beautiful artificial creek under the ravine. That is the creek from the mountain forest in the natural forest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, especially the artificial creek stone, as if it is naturally generated by nature, adding a more beautiful scenery to the greenway, underground, or near the forest. , repair a drainage ditch. At this time, it is quite cold winter, there is less rain, there is no flowing water in the ravine on the mountain, and there is no vivid and dynamic spectacle of the flow of artificial creeks. When the rainy season of the summer forest comes, it is another interesting. Scenery. However, I still prefer the creek in nature. During the greenway walking, I also found several natural creeks. Compared with the creek under the reservoir, it is closer to nature, the stream is clearer and the stone is more How smooth is the wet walk on the greenway, I don��t know how many flat and similar mountainsides have passed, I don��t know if the green road really leads to the top of the mountain. Walking on this green road that I don��t know where I��m going, I��m always happy. No matter how far the end of the greenway is, no matter how late it is when you go out, just want to be happy and walk until the end of the greenway. When you come, it is cloudy, the sky suddenly rises in the drizzle, and the rain is getting worse. Big, so I took my heart of joy and fun Newport 100S Carton, and walked back and walked back and forth!
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