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Тема: Time, walking with
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Time, walking with its unhurried footsteps. Day after day, year after year, in a blink of an eye, 2018 has been completed. In 2019, we have come to us in an article that has seen such a sentence: people! It is only over 30,000 days in this world. More than 30,000 days, including eating, sleeping, working... In fact, removing the homework that must be done every day, the rest of your own time, there is not much quietly thinking about this more than 30,000 days, nor is it Everyone can have it, you must be healthy enough, you can have it when you are not sick! Think of it, the years you can have, the moment of a happy month is silent, but it is enough to have Its people give back. Years are quiet, if you can spend it safely, it is a kind of happiness! No matter what the lost years bring to you, it is a gift. Those sad and painful days have gradually gone away. As long as you have experienced, grown up, and harvested, then, in retrospect, you will be grateful. Carina Lau said in an interview: Experience is the best wealth! Yes! There are no days, no sad Newport Cigarettes Types, painful experiences, and you are strong today! So Newport Cigarette, no matter what the past, now, finally. We should still thank these years, all the lost years, perhaps, let you grow into a better one, it is the nourishment of your growth, almost everyone has, but to a different extent. Many behaviors, chasing the cause are vanity. Vanity is impetuous, vanity is confusing, and the "friend circle" that vanity makes people retreat can be described as a vanity camp. Everyone is vain in the "friend circle Cigarettes Online Free Shipping." Many people like to "share", but sharing is the sun, the essence of the sun is the show, the derivative is the show, the original intention of the show is vanity. In the past few days at the end of the year, many people can't wait to get their own movie catalogue of the year. The more movies listed, the more superior they feel. The thrill of vanity being satisfied, people want to show their entire year's movie catalog, can't wait to show it to everyone. The same year-end bills are the same. Everyone puts out their own expenses this year to show their economic strength. People are really animals that love vanity, and they are extremely eager to be concerned. Those who are full of heart Newport Cigarettes Online, do not rely on "sun" to reflect their own value, they have long understood that fame and fortune is just a illusion of nothingness, really let people get rid of the emptiness of things, always the inner fullness and richness of the fruit, you still comment on the circle of friends and Like to fill the inner emptiness, I hope that you can wake up as soon as possible. Although I have had such a stage before, I finally found out that this is just a self-deception, leaving my circle of friends, I am still empty and lonely. When I picked up the book and communicated with the famous people, I found that the only thing that can fill the emptiness is reading. If I don't study, I feel like I am going to live here. I just hope that young men and women will not fall into vanity. Set goals and ideals at an early date. Only true success can make you feel that this life is not alive. Have experienced those years, you will have a new understanding and harvest, these are the gifts that the years bring to you! Perhaps, its outer packaging is not so beautiful, but when you peel off the gift of the years At the time Newport 100S Carton, all the answers will be revealed! Everything that is experienced makes sense. When you can accept the gift of the years, I believe that it will surprise you!
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