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Тема: Network issues on new install
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Odd that the USB ISO disk worked, but the install does not.
Connect:  network is  unreachable
Pinging the local host works fine.
Lspci -v  shows ethernet controller QUALCOMM Atheros killer  which is indeed my MSI ethernet device.
Kernel  Driver in use: alx
Kernel modules: alx
Dmesg | grep alx  shows Qualcomm Atheros and ALX renamed from eth0,  but nothing about the connection being up .
I don't have an easy way to cut and paste these error messages because I can't install any graphical interface without the Internet. If it's really really important, perhaps I can  redirect output to a file.  But it just seems the basic network configuration didn't happen for some reason. I do not see a list of packages in the network configuration  Wiki  article, but saw through Google search that adding certain packages post install might work. Is there any way to know what those packages would be?  Presumably I could use the install USB, mount the hard drive file system like I did when installing, and install those packages.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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