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Тема: Weird internet connectivity issue
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Before I try to fight the battle of explaining a weird problem to people who deal with idiots all day long I would like a second opinion to make sure I'm not being one of said idiots.
When I got home today my internet was horribly slow and I had terribad latency (600-1000ms to sites I know are hosted on my ISP's network). This high ping latency was also observable from my router (a Microtik RB2011-UiAS). It disappeared for 3-5 minutes after a modem reboot and then returned. It persisted through my bringing the router's software and firmware up to current. So I figure that would indicate that the problem is on the ISP end. Inevitably they don't see anything wrong with the signal levels and want me to plug a laptop directly into said modem (one of these days I'll remember to do this first  :rolleyes: ) and bizarrely internet connectivity is normal, so they insist it's not their issue and that's the end of the call.
So I reconnect everything to the router, and the latency returns. Can my almost brand new expensive router already be dead? I next connected my laptop to the outside interface on the router and started a DHCP server on the laptop. I get 15m of sub 1ms pings from my desktop computer on the inside interface to the laptop on the outside interface. Then I reconnect the laptop to the modem and start a continuous ping to one of the ISP's DNS servers, and I've now sent over 750 pings without seeing the excessive latency return.  :confused:
This is kind of leaving me at a loss, either these two devices are interacting in some weird way or one of them is in fact broken, but all the isolated tests I can think of come out fine. Help?

Any help will be apprecited.
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