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Тема: problem with kbgoffice-2.0
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Написано на: Септември 26 2009, 17:12

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First of all I want to apologize for not writing to you in Bulgarian, but I am not sure that there will be no problems with the cyrillic letters.
Now straight to the point. I am running Slackware-Linux-13.0 with kernel The desktop is KDE-4.2.4. In your blog http://nikolavp.blogspot.com/ I read that there is already a KDE4 port of the kbgoffice dictionary. So I downloaded it as suggested there:
svn co http://svn.assembla.com/svn/kbgoffice/trunk
However, this source does not compile, it exits at the make stage with compilaton error. Then I downloaded it with:
wget -np -r http://svn.assembla.com/svn/kbgoffice/branches/stable-2.0
This did compile well. As I am packaging the application, I run:
cmake -DWITH_KDE=1 -DDATA_DIR_CONFIG=/usr/share/bgoffice/dicts -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$PKG/usr,
where $PKG is the package directory. Unfortunately the DATA_DIR_CONFIG setting has no effect, kbgoffice still looks for the dictionaries in /usr/local/share/bgoffice/dicts instead of /usr/share/bgoffice/dicts. I have also tried passing the DATA_DIR_CONFIG=/usr/share/bgoffice/dicts parameter to make insted of to cmake, but this also had no effect whatsoever. So I resorted to manually editing src/main.cpp to set the variable DATA_DIR_CONFIG=/usr/share/bgoffice/dicts. Kbgoffice now starts and works, but there are several problems. First, when I click Help-> About, what pops up is a blank greyish window. No toolbars show and there is no docking to the system tray, although docking is enabled. The more serious problem is that whenever I delete the entry in the "Enter word that you want to translate here" field, the program crashes and the following messages pop up:

The application Kbgoffice (kbgoffice) crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGABRT).
Please help us improve the software you use by filing a report at http://bugs.kde.org. Useful details include how to reproduce the error, documents that were loaded, etc.
Unable to create a valid backtrace.

This backtrace appears to be of no use.
This is probably because your packages are built in a way which prevents creation of proper backtraces, or the stack frame was seriously corrupted in the crash.
(no debugging symbols found)
0xb624021b in nanosleep_nocancel () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0xb624005f in sleep () from /lib/libc.so.6
#2  0xb6ba3ed8 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.5
#3  0x00000000 in ?? ()
#0  0xb624021b in __nanosleep_nocancel () from /lib/libc.so.6

I also would like to ask where to package the icons directory, in /usr/share/icons or in /usr/share/bgoffice/icons, and what compile time parameter is necessary to set so that kbgoffice finds its icons. However, it seems that there is no lack of icons, although I am currently packaging the application without the icons directory.

Thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward to your reply.


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