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Тема: OpenBSD 4.6 new installer, news
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Написано на: Октомври 30 2009, 19:23


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OpenBSD's traditionally lean and easy to use installer has been improved and made even leaner and easier to use! This is not really an upgrade issue, but experienced OpenBSD users will probably want to look through the new Installation Guide.



NOTE for re-installers: The new installer will not clear your old disklabel if you chose "(C)ustom Layout", but you will need to re-specify each mount point using the 'm' option in disklabel(8).


The new (for 4.6) OpenBSD installer will attempt to auto-partition your disk in a usable, "general purpose" configuration, based on the size of your disk. If your disk is big enough, unused space will be allocated to the /home partition. While this is often quite useful, it doesn't satisfy all users' needs.

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