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Тема: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, нов порт в Debian
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Написано на: Април 07 2009, 13:00


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Вчера бе официално съобщено, че Debian стартират поддръжка на порт за архитектури i386 и amd64,
с микс от пакетите на GNU + ядрото на FreeBSD.

повече информация на английски:



The Debian project has announced that support for i386 and amd64 architectures running the GNU userland with the FreeBSD kernel are now in the archive. Jörg Jaspert announced on a Debian mailing list: "We just added two new architectures to the Debian archive. Everybody please welcome: kfreebsd-i386 aka GNU/kFreeBSD i386 and kfreebsd-amd64 aka GNU/kFreeBSD amd64. Note that this enables porter NMUs for those two. In case you have a bug with a patch waiting for your package that has to do with one of them, please either fix it soon or expect a porter NMU to be done soon. The two new architectures (well, better named OS I think, as they use a different kernel) are available in unstable and experimental. We do start out empty, importing only what is needed to get a build running. For this reason you will not be able to directly use it immediately. Please wait until they catch up, which I expect to happen soon." While many people argue that Linux distributions do not need to be called GNU/Linux as Richard Stallman would like, Debian is one project that does. It does so as the project does not just support the Linux kernel, but NetBSD, kFreeBSD and even GNU's unfinished kernel, Hurd. Debian is one of the oldest surviving, independently-developed distribution and one of the most widely supported operating systems in the world, running on some 15 architectures using the Linux kernel.

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