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Тема: Drivers issues with new kernel 4.15.0-20
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Написано на: Май 21 2018, 14:13

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I've been using the 4.15 kernel until now without any problems.
Today I updated from 4.15.0-15 to 4.15.0-20, as proposed by the Update Manager (I set it to check for all levels, including 4 & 5).
After rebooting, the wifi would not work and Cinnamon showed a message saying that it was running on software graphics acceleration.
So I guess there are drivers that cannot be loaded.
I tried to reboot twice, same problem. Rebooting with the previous version (4.15.0-15) solved the problem.
Is anyone else on the 4.15 kernel? Did you update to 4.15.0-20 and is it working for you?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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The 4.15 kernels are too glitchy. The only solution I found for myself was to manually download and install 4.13.0-45 for my Mint. This is the most stable kernel for my Linux. AND it doesn't force me to install things I don't want to - like the stupid microcode.

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